SPOT REPORT RE: Neutralization of an Armed person

During a legitimate police operation (DRUG BUY BUST)
Good morning sir/mam.

For info, on the 24th day of April 2018 at around 9:00 a.m. Brgy Official of Dacudao Calinan, Davao City assisted TAM-TAM MUSCAN of legal age, male and a resident of Brgy Dacudao Calinan Davao City for his voluntary surrender at this office. Subject male readily admitted using and dealing drugs and as per operational procedure he underwent surveillance by this station purposely to make sure that he is sincere in his intention. That as per validation report suspect was not sincere in his intentions yet he continue in his drug activity selling drugs.

2. At around 8:00 p.m. of April 29, 2018 a drug buy bust operation was initiated by this office led by PCI MICHAEL S UYANGUREN against the above- mentioned suspect at Brgy Dacudao Calinan, Davao City. Wherein P01 ABDUL KHIER LUMAGBAS was tasked to act as the poseur buyer using the 500-peso bill marked money with serial no. X033846 with pre-operation no. 30004-042108-0205

3. That in the course of there drug transaction the suspect received the 500-peso bill from P01 LUMAGBAS thereafter the suspect gave the sachet to P01 LUMAGBAS and upon close observation by the poseur buyer the said sachet was heat sealed believed to be containing white crystalline granules believed to be of shabu.

4. Immediately thereafter, P01 LUMAGBAS introduced himself as POLICE OFFICER and as was about to arrest the suspect he was forcibly push aside. Then the suspect drew an unidentified calibre of pistol from his waist and fired it towards P01 LUMAGBAS who luckily managed to roll over the ground and was not hit. Sensing that the life of P01 LUMAGBAS was in imminent danger, he was forced to retaliate and was able to neutralized the suspect.

5. Thereafter, police officers officer called Central base 911 and requested for medical assistance to possibly revive the suspect, however, due to the delay of the medical response they were constraint to bring the suspect to Isaac Robillo General Hospital, Calinan this city on board Mobile patrol no.97, suspect was declared DOA by the attending physician Dra. RIZZA MAE APOSTOL.

6. SOCO team led by PCI GENOVA also arrived at the place of incident and processed the crime scene and were able to recover One (1) unit of revolver pistol without serial number containing 2 live ammunitions inside its cylinder and one fired cartridge along with one (1) unit yellow my phone believed to be possibly used by the suspect in his drug transactions.

7. The team also went to Anghel Funeral homes, Calinan Davao City and conducted ocular inspection to the cadaver of the neutralized suspect and they were able to recover from the cadaver possession and control the following items to wit:
a. 500-peso bill Marked money bearing serial no.X033846.
b. Four (4) elongated heat sealed plastic sachet all individually containing white crystalline substance believed to be of shabu

8. That cadaver of the neutralized suspect now lies at Anghel Funeral homes Calinan this city for the required autopsy and paraffin examinations.

9. For information and progress report will follow officers on case P03 ZAFRA and NAPALIT


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