Davao Election Fast Facts

Davaoenos join the whole nation in Barangay and SK Elections today where over 2.8 million registered voters are expected to flock in 3,822 established and 1,618 clustered precincts across Davao region.

There are a total of 2,573 candidates for barangay captains in Davao Region and 21,252 for barangay councilman.

For SK, Comelec said there are 2,982 candidates for SK chairmen and 10,355 for SK kagawads.

Davao City, which has 182 barangays, has the most number of established precincts at 6,483 and 2,733 clustered precincts; Davao del Sur has 232 barangays and has 2,430 established and 1,160 clustered precincts; Davao Occidental with 105 barangays has 1,184 established and 515 clustered precincts; Davao del Norte with 223 barangays has 3,822 established and 1,618 clustered precincts; Compostela Valley with 237 barangays has 2,869 established and 1,271 clustered precincts; and, Davao Oriental with 183 barangays has 2,185 established and 1,009 clustered precincts. (JSGD)

Photo shows a muddy voting precinct in Davao City due to constant rain every night the past week. This however failed to stop the resolve of most voters to exercise their right to suffrage. (PHOTO BY KEY BIRD)

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