“Gobyerno sa kabos” burns resort equipments in Davao Oriental

WHAT: Belated Report re Burning Incident
WHEN: 6:00 AM of May 30, 2018
WHERE: Brgy. Ompao, Tarragona, Davao Oriental
WHO: Adam’s Haven Mountain Resort
HOW: initial invest conducted disclosed that MOL 26 armed group arrived at the aforesaid place of incident and look for the owner of the establishment. And the LAGs stated in vernacular as quoted “Mga NPA me og nganung nagpahimo mo og stablishement dri nga wala mo mananghid sa amoa nga kaning maong lugara sakop pa sa among AOR dapat mag hatag mo og revolutionary tax kay kami ang gobyerno sa mga kabos” and subsequently burned one (1) multicab; one (1) generator set and one (1) electric steel cutter. Estimated cost of damage is yet to be determined. For info and progress report to follow.

Progress Report on destruction and Burning of Adams Haven Mountain Resort. Pleased be informed that Adams Haven Mountain Resort was owned ang operated by Engnr. Ariel C Mosquera, a City Planning Development Officer Chief , City of Mati, that the estimated value cause by said atrocities made by alleged New Peoples Army ( NPA) as more or less P600,000. The said projected amount was based on occular inspection and assestment on the damages incurred on said establishment. Until now the owner is yet to disclosed the exact amount on the damages caused by that said incident. The new peoples army who conducted raids and inflicted sustantial quantity of damages to that resort was under guerilla front 15 led by cmdr @Jeckol and PBC 8 under Cmdr @Jegs and @ Boyaks. That as its, this station is still conducting thorough investigation for filling appopriate charges against the perpetrators…


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