Mayor Sara cites role of ICT in economic, social growth

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte acknowledged the very significant role played by Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the continued growth of the city – both socially and economically.

“We recognize that ICT is an integral tool in governance and economic development,” Mayor Inday said during the opening of the two-day National ICT Summit 2018 last week.

She said this is the reason why the City Information and Technology Center (CITC) advocates the furtherance of ICT, through the development of various information systems.

One of the information systems being worked on by the CITC is the development and enhancement of an online payment system for occupational and business permits.

“Another is related to the development of an information system for public governance to support the internal business processes of the city government,” she said.

This includes the system being developed for the farmers and the agriculture sector, and the public utility drivers information and the vehicle profiling system being used by the City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) to prevent, detect and respond to possible threats in the city.

“This is an affirmation of how digital transformation can leverage government thrust such as public safety,” Mayor Inday said.

The Summit, with the theme “Empowering the Filipino through Digital Transformation”, is now on its 10th year and is being held outside Metro Manila for the first time.

“We are truly happy you have chosen Davao City to be the venue this year,” she said.

The mayor said she welcomes the technology presented by various companies that joined the Summit as exhibitors.

In adherence to the 2030 United nations agenda for sustainable development, she hopes that the Summit will elevate the city and the country in the realm of information governance towards “combating system corruption, dissolving digital divide and promoting global competitiveness.”

“The ICT revolution shall serve as our access point to a network of possibilities in digital transformation, economic expansion and in Filipino empowerment,” Mayor Inday said. CIO


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