2 NPA killed in an attempt to recover a cleared Barangay

On June 27, 2018, 3:25pm., an encounter transpired between 3IB against more or less 30 CNTs believed to be members of PBC 2 and PBC 3 all of SMRC under @ BOBBY at Brgy Carmen, Baguio Dist, Davao City.

At about 5:34pm of the same day, while said troops scouring the encounter site, another encounter ensued against the said CNTs. Sporadic firefight lasted for about five minutes while the first encounter lasted for about two (2) hours. It resulted to One (1) wounded in action on the gov’t side while two (2) enemy killed on the enemy and recovery of one (1) IED. Meanwhile helicopters departed from TOG11 and proceeded to the encounter area to provide CAS to the engaged troops of 3IB.

Wounded soldier was evacuated for medical treatment at Camp Panacan Hospital

Major General Noel S Clement, Commander 10ID commended troops’ accomplishment and said “NPA terrorists are not welcome in a ‘cleared’ barangay. With this, their resurgence was immediately reported to us. We are grateful to the people of Barangay Carmen for their continued support and cooperation in maintaining peace and order.”

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