Rape suspect is dead

The 35-year old accused of raping and killing a 16-year old girl in Davao City earlier this week has died inside the police precinct where he is detained.

Rape suspect James Narte died after allegedly attempting to grab a gun from his police escort inside the Talomo Police Station in Davao City Thursday morning, GMA Davao’s One Mindanao reported.

Aside from the rape-slay of the minor in Puan, Narte was also accused by two other girls of rape and robbery.

Here is the official police blotter of the incident:


Spot Report on Fatal Shooting Incident.

Please be informed that at around 7:20 A.M. June 28, 2018 a fatal shooting incident transpired at Police Station 3 (Talomo) particularly at the Finger Print/Traffic Section.

According to PO1 Nierca Mutia Ambong, finger print technician that before the incident took place around 7:20 AM, while she was preparing to take the finger prints of one of their detainee identified as James Barette Narte, 35yo, separated, laborer, resident of libby road, Bago Gallera, Davao City and who has a pending case for rape with homicide when suddenly, he viciously attacked and pummelled her while attempting to grabbed the issued firearm of the duty jail guard who was escorting him identified as one PO1 Kathllen Rose Antoneth C. Pelino which was holstered in the latters duty rig.

Thereafter a grappling scenario ensued between the said jail guard and the detainee and as the police officer desperately tried to take control of the situation and the suspect. In the course of their violent scuffle the pistol fired thereby hitting the ceiling and another three shots were fired hitting the wall beside the door.

Hearing the commotion and gun shots, Spo3 Daquigan and Spo2 Dionisio who were in the vicinity quicly responded at the scene wherein, seeing the desperate situation, SPO3 Daquigan defended his almost overwhelmed colleague hitting the suspect.

Immediately thereafter they brought the injured detainee to the nearest Hospital for immediate medical intervention but unfortunately was declared dead by his attending physician Dr Olidan.

Elements of SOCO are still conducting crime scene investigation in the area.

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