Army in Tarragona overruns terrorists’ encampment

On July 6, 2018, 9:35am., troops of 4SRC, 2SRB SOCOM under operational control of 701st Brigade while conducting Focus Military Operations encountered more or less 60 CPP-NPA Terrorist (CNTs) believed to be members of PBC6 and PBC8 all of SMRC at vicinity of Langgawisan 1, Brgy Ompao, Tarragona Davao Oriental.

The firefight lasted for forty five (45) minutes and enemy withdraw towards different directions.

There was no casualty on the government forces while undetermined on enemy side.

The troops Overran the terrorists encampment that has 8 improvised kitchens. Also, they were able to recover of one (1) M16 riffle (SN: RA 1219830), electrical wire (100) meters, 1 EID, batteries, 3 blasting caps, medical supplies, one military backpack, 3-civilian backpacks and other personal belongings with subversive documents.

Major General Noel S Clement, Commander 10ID thanked the people of Tarragona for their support in terms of information dissemination and commended the troops’ accomplishment. “Your Army in 10ID AOR will relentlessly pursue the terrorists so that no more barangays will be subjected to CNTs’ intimidation, harrassment, recruitment, extortion and other forms of atrocities,” he said.

“To the NPAs out there, get down now and join us in building our nation to be sustainably developed where true peace reigns and people are living in a conflict-resilient communities,” MGen Clement, added.

For now, all operating troops are in pursuit of the fleeing CPP-NPA terrorists but they are ready to welcome those who sincerely wanted to surrender and are willing to support the local government-led peacetalks.

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