1 killed in drug bust

SUBJECT : SPOT REPORT RE: Neutralization of an Armed person in a legitimate police operation (DRUG BUY BUST)

DATE : July 14,
Reference : Standard Operating Procedure with CN: PS10-0714-2018-20 PD

1. On or about 8:55 pm of July 14, 2018, a Reliable Confidential informant (RCI) appeared at this office and gave information to PO2 Ismael on the illegal drug peddling activity of alias JASON CADAYDAY, legal age, jobless, a resident of Brgy Tamugan, Marilog dist., Davao City who was allegedly looking for buyer/user of illegal drugs particularly “shabu” and will meet possible customers at Hungry Bird Inn located at Prk. 11, Sitio Bagsak, Naraval Rd., Calinan, this City;

2. That, immediately thereafter, PS10 STACOM PCI ARQUIOMEDES CROSBY D. WESLEY formed and led a team composing of PO2 Ismael, PO1 Gumanoy, PO1 Lumagbas and PO1 Corsino who was tasked to act as the poseur buyer utilizing one (1) piece Five Hundred Peso bill with serial Number L110359 with his initial “MAC” affixed on it.

3. At around 9:40 pm of same date PO2 Ismael called up and coordinated with the PDEA 11 and was given a buy bust pre-coordination number 30004-072018-0101.

4. That on or about 11:33 pm a drug buy bust operation was initiated by the aforesaid buy bust team against the said suspect alias JASON CADAYDAY at the agreed place of transaction room 8 of Hungry Bird Inn situated at Prk. 11, Sitio Bagsak, Naraval Rd., Calinan, Davao City.

5. That on or about 11:43 pm same date, while in the course of illegal drug transaction said suspect alias JASON after receiving the above-mentioned marked money with his left hand, he took something in his right front pocket then handed it over to PO1 Corsino, the latter made a glance of it, and he was convinced that, it was one (1) piece heat-sealed plastic transparent sachet containing white crystalline substance of suspected shabu. At this juncture, PO1 Corsino declared himself as police officer to which suspect then pushed him a bit, then drew an undetermined type of firearm from his waist and shoot PO1 Corsino. Luckily, he (PO1 Corsino) was able to parry the hand of the suspect, sensing that his life is in imminent danger he subsequently drew his service pistol and fired towards the suspect who then sustained bodily multiple gunshot wounds. PO1 Corsino was able to recover from the subject person the marked money which he was just holding with his left hand.

6.Thereafter, subject person was immediately transported to Calinan General Robillo Hospital but was declared DOA by the attending physician Dr. Vincent Fuentes.

7. That on or about 1:00 am of July 15, 2015, SOCO 11 Team led by PCI Genova arrived at the area to process the crime scene and was able to recover at the scene of the crime were, one (1) unit of .38 revolver bearing serial nr. 33298 with three (3) unfired cartridges and one (1) fired cartridge inside its cylinder, three (3) deformed fired bullet and one (1) fired cartridge of believed to be from .9mm caliber. Thereafter, SOCO team proceeded to Angel Funeral homes for the taking of fingerprints and conduct parrafin test on the cadaver of the neutralized subject.

8. Cadaver of the neutralized suspect now lies at Angel Funeral Homes, Calinan this City for the required autopsy.

9. For information. Progress report will follow officers on case P03 ZAFRA and NAPALIT with office number 295-0119.

Police Chief Inspector

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