Staff of SAP Go commits suicide inside office

A trusted staff of Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go allegedly tried to commit suicide inside their office in Obrero, Davao City Tuesday.

The staff is identified as Leo Angelo Apara, a long-time employee of the Davao City Mayor’s Office and is now under OSAP since the assumption of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Sec. Go said Apara is now comatose. He did not give further details.

Unconfirmed reports reaching Davao Breaking News showed that Apara just came from a staff meeting when he went inside their office’s comfort room.

A shot then rang inside. Apara was discovered inside the comfort room bathed in blood. He was readily rushed to the hospital.

Go said, Apara is one of his most trusted staff in-charged of facilitating the delivery of basic hospital services to indigent Filipinos.

Authorities are still investigating the incident as of this writing.


We are saddened with the recent events that happened involving Mr. Leo Apara, who is one of our staff members at the Office of the Special Assistant to the President (OSAP) in Davao City.

We would like to refrain from making any further comments about this while the police investigation is on-going. As a sign of respect to his family, we would also like to request the members of the media and the public in general to avoid making any speculations about what happened. Thank you.


Spot Report: Suicide Incident

DATE : July 31, 2018

1. Please be informed that on or about 11:00 A.M. to date, a suicide incident transpired at the Office of Special Assistant to the President located at Veloso St., Brgy. 20-B Bo. Obrero, Davao City which resulted into the injury of one LEO ANGELO ARANAS APARA, 38 years old, male, single, OSAP Staff, and a resident of Matina Gravahan, Davao City.

2. According to the testimony of Lourdes Avenido Gonzales, 43 years old, female, married, OSAP Staff, and a resident of 31-A Bandera Mintal, Davao City, that the victim went inside the Stock Room of their office. That after few minutes, they heard a lone gun burst prompted them to verify. Allegedly, they found the victim sat on the boxes while clad with blood prompted them to seek assistance. Immediately, they transported the victim to San Pedro Hospital for immediate medical intervention. Meanwhile, other staff as well as his live-in partner averred that they haven’t noticed that the victim had a problem nor a conflict with anybody;

3. SOCO Team led by PCI Armando F. Galigo conducted parallel investigation wherein at the place of incident, the following items were recovered to wit: 1. One unit .38 caliber revolver bearing serial # ZL99769 loaded with four live ammos and one spent cartridge, and 2. One fired Bullet. Initial investigation revealed that the victim sustained lone gunshot wound at his head. Victim is now at the Emergency Room of San Pedro Hospital for proper medical attention.

4. Investigator-On-Case, PO1 Balbin.

5. For information.


Apara passed away Thursday.

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