Drug suspect killed in Davao bust

Spot report re nuetralization of Armed suspect for RA 9165 and RATS Accomplishment

Please be informed that around 9:50 PM of August 16, 2018, PS3 DET led by PCI RONALD LIM LAO conducted buy-bust opn in coordination with PDEA 11 with pre-ops 30004-082018-0133 at Purok 1 Cavite Matina Gravahan Davao City that resulted to the neutralization of armed suspect identified as Bryan Dumagsa Putot @ BAKARAw,single,jobless unemployed and a resident of said place.

Said suspect sold one (1) pc. Folded news paper containing dried leaves with fruiting top beleived to be marijuana to PO3 Quimpo who posed as buyer in exchanged of five hundred peso bill.

In the coursed thereof, when operative announced his authority as police officer, suspect immediately drew his firearm from his sling bag and fired towards the said police officer fortunately missed the shot that compelled the same and his immediate back up to return fire wherein suspect sustained gunshot wounds on different part of his body.

Immediately suspect was brought to Southern Philippines Medical Center by mobile 90 manned by PO1 TOMAS for medical treatment but declared DOA by attending physician Dr.Tillo.

PNP SOCO led by PCI Genova responded in the area and prossesed the crime scene wherein they were able to recover the following items to wit; a. One (1) unit cal .38 SPL revolver/Armscor cylender loaded with Four (4) live ammos and One (1) fire cartridge and b. Two (2) fired cartridge of .9mm caliber

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