Tadeco welcomes Aeon’s decision to sell GGN-labeled products in Asia

The Tagum Agricultural Development Company (Tadeco) welcomes the latest decision of Aeon Co. Ltd., the largest retailer in Asia, to sell Global G.A.P. Number (GGP)-labeled products in their stores.

GGN-labeled products are those supplied from farms that have obtained GLOBAL Good Agricultural Practice (GGAP) certification.

A GGAP certification shows that the company has become at par with the best companies worldwide in food safety and sustainability, environmental protection, and worker occupational safety and health.

In a statement, Tadeco President and CEO Alex Valoria said that they are very pleased and excited about the Aeon pronouncement as Tadeco is the only company-wide GGAP-certified banana company in the Philippines.

“The Tadeco team worked hard over two years and finally obtained its Global GAP Certification in November 2013 and have been able to sustain its certification over the subsequent years and up to the present,” Valoria revealed.

He said that because of the GGAP certification, their products are now valued higher than the rest. A subsidiary of the Anflocor Group of Companies, Tadeco is one of the leading producers and exporters of fresh Cavendish bananas to Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Russia, China and Middle East.

Buyers of GGN (GlobalGAP Number)-certified products could easily identify and select agricultural products made by producers who comply with the international G.A.P. standards.

Moreover, in November, purchasers of GGN-labeled products will be able to check where in the world the product was made and by whom it was made by checking the product label GGN certification number on the special website launched for this purpose.

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