Spookingly cute Halloween at the White House

It was an afternoon of spookiness and cuteness as the White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge located inside the Camella Northpoint compound along Bajada, Davao City was invaded by cute monsters from the crypt.

Kids were dressed as the White Lady, The Skeleton, The Demon, while others were garbed in their superheroes and Disney characters like Spider Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Cinderella, fairy and many more as they joined the Halloween Trick or Treat party of the White House on October 28.

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Magical show and parlor games started off the afternoon party for kids before the much-awaited trick or treat where candies and goodies were given to the participating kids who clearly enjoyed the venue and the games.

Halloween Trick or Treat is going to be an annual event at the White House that serves the best European and Japanese fusion cuisine in the city.

On November 3, a Halloween dance party aptly dubbed as Bewitched 2.0 will in turn cater to the millenial and the yuppies.

Popular DJ’s like Supreme and dj Torch will be joining the party along with Jed Ignacio as the emcee of the said event. Party starts at 8 in the evening this Saturday.


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