I want justice, not revenge — Pulong

Presidential son Paolo Duterte dismissed claim of his father that he is out to exact revenge from outgoing Senator Antonio Trillanes IV thus his decision to run for Congress.

In his speech in Papua New Guinea, President Rodrigo Duterte said that the reason his son seeks the 1st district congressional seat in Davao City was to give the outgoing senator a dose of his own medicine once Trillanes becomes a common citizen.

Trillanes has not sought any elective position in the 2019 elections and is on his last term as senator.

In a Facebook post Saturday, Paolo Duterte said he wants justice and not revenge.

“Next year, Mr Trillanes will be worse than a non-matter. He will end his term as a senator like it is a blessing to the Filipino people — perhaps except for the few who believed in the lies he concocted against me and my family. As he is today, he will be worthless. I honestly do not seek revenge. What I seek is justice. I have filed cases against him and he should man up and face these cases in court. Apart from that, considering the insignificance and uselessness of Mr Trillanes, I will devote my time to serve the Dabawenyos,” Paolo Duterte said.

The presidential son was invited by the Senate during an inquiry on the multi-billion shabu smuggling. In the said inquiry, the young Duterte was accused by Trillanes of being a member of the international crime syndicate Triad.

The Senate however later cleared Duterte and brother-in-law Manases Carpio of any involvement.

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