CIDG raids warehouses with fake cigarettes

WHAT: PRRD’s Directive in line with CIDG Flagship Project OPLAN OLEA (IPR)

WHEN: February 20, 2019 11:30 AM

WHERE: F. Bangoy St., Agdao, Davao City and Lapu2x St., Agdso


I. Suspect:

1. LEO LEE SY, male, married, 42 yrs old, businessman and a resident of Lapu-Lapu St., Agdao, Davao City.

II. Operating Units:

CIDG, DCCFU; CIDG, RFU 11 and Sta ana PS1 DCPO


Operatives of CIDG, DCCFU (lead unit ) together with CIDG, RFU 11 and Sta. Ana Police staion 1 of DCPO conducted simultenous Implementation of 42 Search Warrants issued by HON. RETRINA E. FUENTES, Presiding Judge RTC 11, Br 10, Davao City dated February 19, 2019 at Dr 72B, Santiago bldg., F. Bangoy St., Agdao, Davao City and at Lapu-lapu St., Agdao, Davao City that resulted in the arrest of LEO LEE SY, and the confiscation of the following items listed below. Arrested person was brought to this unit for booking and documentation and subsequently turned over to Sta Ana PS1 for safekeeping.

The Search and Siezure were conducted in a peaceful and orderly manner in accordance with law and at all times witnessed by the subject person together with his lawyer, product specialist of PMFTC, and Barangay Kagawad


A. Confiscated Items:

1. Thirty (30) master cases FORTUNE cigarettes (counterfeit)

2. Twenty four (24) master cases CHAMPION cigarettes (counterfeit)

3. Twenty three (23) master cases MORE cigarettes (counterfeit)

4. Thirty six (36) master cases MARLBORO cigarettes (counterfeit)

5. Thirty nine (39) master cases MARK cigarettes (counterfeit)

For information.

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