One Time Big Time simultaneous implementation of two (2) Search Warrant. SW # 2056 and 2057)

On or about 4:30 in the morning of March 21, 2019 elements of CIDG RFU11 Davao City Field Unit led by PCI Milgrace C Driz in coordination with Calinan Police Station and with the overall supervision of PSupt Edilberto Leonardo, Regional Chief CIDG RFU11 implemented a Search Warrant at Brgy Talomo River, Calinan District, Davao City and R. Magsasay St., Brgy Calinan Poblacion, Calinan District, Davao city against 1.)PHEL VILLAVER ESTIGOS (SW # 2056) resident of Brgy Talomo River, Calinan District, Davao City

2.) ANTHONY GOZO PANTINOPLE (SW# 2057) resident of

R. Magsasay St., Brgy Calinan Poblacion, Calinan District, Davao city.

The conducted simultaneous implementation of Two (2) Search Warrant with SW # 2056 and SW #2057 all issued by Hon. EMMANUEL C. CARPIO, Executive Judge, RTC Branch 16, Davao City, dated March 19, 2019 that resulted in the arrest of the two (2) above mention arrested persons. We have learned that pantinople, subject person is a Gun Club member and possessing a firearm with unrenwed and have several times cautioned due to some troubles in their place that prompt the subject to show up his gun cal .45 pistol, he is also known selling firearms as he is a gun enthusiast. Meanwhile Estigoy the other subject was learned to be selling firearms too.

We are on our strong campaign against loose firearms as we implement the Gun Ban, Martiel Law and RA 10591 other wise known as the Comprehensive Law on Firearms and Ammunitions and Providing Penalties thereof. Furthe, they will be facing facing charges against this law.

Confiscated from their possession and control were to wit:


a. one (1) unit .38 caliver revolver

b. Five (5) pcs live ammunation for caliber .38


a. One (1) unit Caliber .45 pistol with serial no. 1158891, Armscor:

b. Two (2) pcs magazine for caliber .45:

c. Thirteen (13) pcs live ammunations for caliber .45 pistol:

d. One (1) pc black inside holster.

Further information revealed Subject arrested persons were identified member of AVILA CG ingaged in gun running and peddling of illegal drugs in the area of Calinan and neighboring areas of Davao City.

We are urging the public to immediately report to CIDG Davao City through our hotline number 0946 064 2468 any violations perataining to Special Laws and other Laws in violations of the Revised Penal Code of the Philppines to include Crime of Economic Sabotage. We can not do this alone without your help and cooperation.

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