Grab denies blocking entry of Go-Jek

We are issuing this statement in response to the article published by Rappler last March 21, 2019 bylined by Ms Aika Rey entitled: “Is Tugade blocking Go-Jek’s entry into the Philippines because of Grab?”.

Grab has the utmost respect for Secretary Tugade and the officials of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). We, in no way, undermine their mandate and the trust given to them by the President by seeking special preference or partisanship in favor of our business.

Over the past years that we have been operating in the Philippines, Grab has willfully invested over USD 164M with the aim of helping ease socio-economic painpoints on transport, modernization, and empowering micro-entrepreneurs- all while remaining faithful, compliant, and respectful to regulators and policy-makers of our industry.

We will continue to demonstrate our compliance as a fair and law-abiding corporation operating in the Philippines. We encourage everyone – both existing and incoming market players, to remain faithful to the procedures and the regulations set by the government.

The article questions the integrity of Sec. Tugade, while it also undermines all the hard work that Grab and the other TNCs have done to be part of this sector.

Rappler or Ms. Rey, did not in any way, reach out to Grab or to any of its officials to get Grab’s side or take on the issue. We respectfully ask the people behind this news agency to carefully consider their actions and ensure fair, objective, and unprejudiced news reporting.

We also enjoin the people to inquire beyond stories, and be critical of how news platforms may be used to sow intrigue and distraction and discount the hard work that private and public sectors put into improving our daily lives as Filipinos.

Leo Gonzales, Public Affairs Head


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