3 rebs killed in Samar attack

Update on CT attack in Northern Samar

On 280344H March 2019, undetermined number of CTs under Salvador Nordan @ Badok, CO, SROC, SRC, EMPORIUM, EVRPC attacked the police station in Victoria, Northern Samar.

The CTs utilized two (2) six wheeler trucks during the attack and were able to occupy the first floor of said police station while the PNP personnel were able to successfully defend their established position on the 2nd floor of said building. The CTs blocked the roads Brgys San Lazaro and Brgy Libertad both of same municipality. At about 0520H, the CTs utilizing one (1) six wheeler truck withdrew from Victoria MPS towards Brgy San Roman of same municipality but left the other truck near the police station.

Two(2) PNP personnel, one of whom was identified as PO1 Bernadas, were slightly wounded.

One (1) was captured while three (3) others were killed.

One (1) M16 rifle and one (1) M60 were recovered by government forces.

As of this report, there is an ongoing encounter between elements ng Scout Pltn., 43IB led by 1LT BENIGNO B LOPEZ PA and the CTs who served as blocking force.

Government troops are in hot pursuit of the CTs.

Source: RID, PRO8, PNP / 8MIB, PA / MIG8, ISAFP / casual sources


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