Floirendo won’t do an Alvarez in the House

After having declared his interest on the top post of the House of Representatives, Davao del Norte 2nd District Rep. Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo Jr. assured residents of the 1st congressional district that he will not do an Alvarez in case he becomes the Speaker of the 18th Congress.

Floirendo was referring to the “zero budget” given to him by then House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez back in 2018.

In a press conference Thursday, April 11, Floirendo said he knows how his constituents in the 2nd District suffered when Alvarez withheld his budget.

“I know how it feels, kaya di ko gagawin yan sa mga tao. I will not give a zero budget to any of my colleagues,” Floirendo said.

Floirendo said he is not even certain if Alvarez would be re-elected considering the formidable opponent he has in the person of incumbent Governor Anthony del Rosario.

In a statement, Floirendo appealed to his colleagues in the Lower House to join him in giving the Duterte administration a solid support from the legislative department.

“I am calling on my fellow Filipino lawmakers, regardless of political and ideological affiliations, let us work as one in serving the people. I ask my fellow lawmakers in the coming 18th Congress to join hands with me in ensuring that the Duterte administration gets the full support he needed from the legislative department. I know that we all wanted what is good for the President and ultimately what is good for the Filipino people,” Floirendo said.

Floirendo revealed that after his declaration for his Speakership bid few days ago, many of his colleagues called him up asking if he is serious about it.

“I told them, “as serious as the President’s adamant will to improve the lives of the Filipino by 2022”. After hearing that, they said that they will support me,” said Floirendo.

The congressman who was the top donor of President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign fund in 2016, said that he had been a politician half his life and he never ever aspired any national position.

“I’d rather be on the backseat than up front. Many of my colleagues know that. But this time around, it’s a different scenario. When I give my support, I give it my 100%. I asked nothing after President Duterte won, I did not ask anything when I was being persecuted by the House leadership under Alvarez,” Floirendo said.

“And now that I am running for speakership I also did not ask any support from the President. For we both respect the separations of power. But if he will give me a chance to serve I will always be grateful and will make sure I will do my duty to unite the Lower House,” he added.


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