Scorching summer heat caused DCPO explosion

The scorching summer heat was eyed by the authorities as the main reason for the Black Saturday explosion inside the Davao City Police Office headquarters.

In a report by the DCPO released Sunday, it stated that “investigation conducted disclosed that the cause of the fire is due to the explosion of some explosive kept therein that might have been triggered by the scorching summer heat”.

The explosion happened inside the ammunition storage.

“Meanwhile, technical investigation of the EOD and IDMB shows minimal structural damage of the EOD facility. The blast was effectively contained by the strong reinforce concrete of Ammunition Stockroom that was the seat of the explosion,” the report said.

The ammo storage was also said to be the depository storage for recovered and rendered safe dynamites used for illegal fishing, grenades and IEDs presently kept by the said EOD Unit as court evidence.

“There were no casualties from our personnel and only the Explosive Storage as well as the individual quarters of SWAT and EOD /K9 personnel were partially damaged,” stated the DCPO report.

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