Illegal recruiter nabbed

CIDG Detectives of Davao City Field Unit (lead unit) together with San Pedro Police Station conducted entrapment operation at around 4:15 PM of May 31, 2019 against AISHA MANAYAGA SHAIKH female, 33 years old, married, resident of Phase 1, Cuedad de Esperanza, Cabantian, Davao City, who was caught in the act of receiving the marked money from the complainants /applicants to work for abroad. Furthermore, she is not authorize to recruit and receive money for processing or for any purpose as we verified through a certification from POEA.

A case in Violation of the provisions of R.A. 8042 as amended by R.A. 10022 otherwise known as the Migrant Workers and overseas Filipino Act is now being prepared thru inquest proceeding before the Davao City Prosecutorss Office. Confiscated Items from the suspect’s possession and control were 1.) Cash money amounting to fifteen (php15,000.00) thousand pesos (marked money)

2.) Three (3) Philippine Passports

The said arrested person was temporarily detained at San Pedro Police Station for proper disposition of the case.

The CIDG Davao City as a mandate strengthens the implementation for the protection and promotion of the welfare of migrant workers, their families and overseas Filipino in distress and help in the enforcement of the Labor Code of the Philippines. Any violations theof will be dealt accordingly. The public must be aware of this violations to supress or eliminate the would be victims and the violators perse.


Quake shakes Davao Region

A strong earthquake initially measured at 6.2 magnitude in the Richter scale hit Davao Region early Friday evening, May 31.

The epicenter is in Mati City and was felt as far as Digos City.

This video doesn’t exist

A video taken inside one of the malls in Davao City showed people panicking after the tremor.

The initial tremor was followed with 3.2 magnitude quake around 6:40 in the evening.

Davao swimmers win SarBay competition


 TANGO, Glan, Sarangani – Tankers from Davao City once again clinched the top spot in this year’s Sarangani Bay Festival’s Swim-Across-the-Bay held at Sarangani Province, Thursday, May 30th. 

The team from Davao Merchant Marine Academy College of Southern Philippines (DMMACSP) bagged the gold for the second time in a row after a very exciting run of 3 hours, 12 minutes and 19 seconds which was made more exciting by bad weather, strong tides, and low visibility. 

“Ang daming unpredictable situations. Ang lakas ng current, ang laki ng waves, ang kati ng dagat, biglang umulan, nawala yung target namin,” DMMACSP coach Vasit Venturillo said when asked about this year’s Swim-Across-the-Bay experience. 


Despite being carried two kilometers off target by strong winds and high tides, Venturillo’s team sprinted the last two kilometers towards the finish line. 

Contest rules state that swimmers who do not land on the proper venue, must sprint/run towards the finish line. 

Team DMMACSP is just one of the ten teams to have successfully made the 15-kilometer long swim successfully conquering the mighty and deep Sarangani Bay. They are a group of college swimmers who participate in triathlons and swimming events. 


“Those competitions na sinalihan namin, ito yung pinakanag-enjoy kami,” coach Venturillo added. 

This is the 4th time that team DMMACSP joined the SarBay Festival Swim-Across-the-Bay. They made great showings in the past placing first runner up twice and now as back-to-back champs. 


A team from Sarangani Energy Corporation (SEC) also took home the second place with a time of 3 hours, 15 minutes, and 33 seconds after placing at the tail end of the rankings last year. Their team was mostly made up of members of the Alsons Security (AlSec) and an officer from the Philippine National Police (PNP). 

This year, also saw the debut of Kleone M. Mole, 10, from Cagayan de Oro City and swimming for the Dadiangas Torpedoes B. She is the youngest swimmer this year. 

Last year’s youngest swimmer was Dionela Cubita, 9 years old.

The Swim-Across-the-Bay champion took home P50,000, medals and a team plaque. The second place took home P35,000, medals, and a plaque, while the third place got P25,000, medals, and a plaque.

All other finishers took home P10,000. Just like last year the swimmers took off from Sarangani Energy Corporations’ jetty at Barangay Kamanga in Maasim town, before traversing Sarangani Bay and reaching their landing spot at Tango in Glan.

(Jed Reston for Sarbay Docu Team/SARANGANI COMMUNICATIONS SERVICE)    

Letters from Davao: Awaiting Advincula’s whodunit revelation

By Jun Ledesma

Peter J Advincula is a conman. In fact he is no ordinary conman and given his litany of criminal cases that should make him an extraordinary recidivist. Looks like he had been in and out of jail and he eluded numerous other complaints against him. That should make him a prime target for law enforcers but at the same time a good catch for politicians with dubious agenda. They can make use of him in exchange for a mantle of protection and on the sideline make a lot of moolah. This brings to mind how Senators Antonio Trillanes and Leila De Lima extended self-confessed killer Edgar Matobato a shroud of protection at the height of Senate’s investigation of the tale of extra-judicial killings carried out by the mythical Davao Death Squad.

Advincula felt short-changed. For acting as the hooded Bikoy the whistle blower who regaled the public with episodes of “Ang Totoong Narco List” at the height of the midterm elections, he was promised P500-thousand pesos as talent fee. But the sinister plot did not work. The black propaganda designed to denigrate President Rodrigo Duterte and his family, including the 14 year old Veronica, failed miserably in winning votes for the Liberal Party Otso Deretso senatorial slate. In fact they lost miserably. Bikoy’s handlers disappeared, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines which accorded him a venue for a presscon retracted from its offer to extend him legal assistance. The conman was dropped like a hot potato. He wanted to retaliate. He is determined to open the can of worms which he had, for sometime, sealed.

His revelations in that press conference in Camp Crame created an interesting matrix that could make an excellent material for a whodunit movie. Advincula casually dropped the name of Fr. Bert Alejo, a Jesuit who used to reside in a Jesuit house in Ateneo de Davao University. Known to Davao media as Pareng Bert, he was involved in controversies inside Ateneo campus, the plight and human rights of the Indigenous Peoples or Lumads. Only a white band that snuggly tucked his collar is what identifies him as a priest. Almost always he dons a lumad attire.

Some years back Pareng Bert put up “Ehemm”, a crusade, so it portends, to fight corruption. He figured prominently in ousting Customs Collector Anju Castigador, whose collection performance was never equalled to date. Court decisions that favored the official were reversed and only when it reached the Supreme Court that Castigador found relief. A Regional Trial Court judge was later stripped of judgeship and benefits. But that is another story. The last time I saw Pareng Bert, he was frolicking in the snows of Oslo. I didn’t know that he was liaising for whistle blowers-for-hire as Advincula described himself and Matobato. The missing piece on how Trillanes and detained Sen. Leila De Lima plucked Matobato from nowhere in that EJK senate probe is finally unearthed.

Advincula casually named Alejo as the person who brought him to Trillanes whom he identified as “Stella” in the Project Sodoma. Bikoy episodes are part of Project Sodoma, a plot that made use of vicious black propaganda to discredit Duterte as an endorser of HnP and PDP-LABAN Senate slate with a wishful goal to win votes for Otso Deretso bets. Ultimately the plot will proceed to oust President Duterte, install VP Leni Robredo President and Trillanes as Vice President.

Trillanes admission that he met some priests added spice to the Bickoy’s parlay with the opposition. De Lima’s surprising statement defending Fr. Alejo makes the entire narrative curiouser and curiouser. It also added new twists on the almost forgotten quest on how the self-confessed killer Matobato ended up in the protective custody of Senator Trillanes and De Lima. They fabricated stories about EJK in the case of Matobato, while Bickoy the fable of “Ang Totoong Narco List”.

Senator-elect Christopher “Bong” Go who was mentioned in Bikoy’s “Tutoong Narcolist” hinted that he might summon out-going Senator Trillanes to shed light on Advincula’s continuing saga as a whistle blower.

We await with bated breath the presence of Trillanes, De Lima, Fray Alejo and some priests which both Bikoy and “Stella” admitted were involved in the Project Sodoma caper. Advincula need not use an alias in this Whodunit episode that will surely and excitingly unravel the complex plot behind the EJK probe and “Ang Tutoong Narco List”.