Dabawenya “whistleblower” accuses Trillanes of scripted video

Guillermina Arcillas, the so-called whistleblower who linked President Rodrigo Duterte in the illegal drugs trade, said the video shown by Trillanes during his privilege speech in the Senate Monday, May 27, was a scripted video which they shot three times at a coffee shop near the Mall of Asia sometime in 2016.

Arcillas said that contrary to Trillanes’ allegation that she did not pass through the senator’s vetting process, she was the one who backed out when she was already pressured by the group of Trillanes, through Atty. Jude Sabio, to sign her so-called affidavit.

Arcillas said the affidavit that Trillanes’group wanted her to sign would state that she personally saw President Duterte kill a person, and that she also saw the then Davao City mayor “tasting a pack of cocaine” that just arrived at a wharf in Panabo City, among others.

Arcillas said all of the contents of the said affidavit from Trillanes’ group are lies and concocted by the senator’s group.

Arcillas said she had a change of heart when she chanced upon Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle inside the convent of Cannussian Sisters where she was brought by Fr. Bert Alejo and Atty. Jude Sabio.

There, Arcillas said she was able to meet another so-called whistleblower Edgar Matobato.

After having escaped from the clutches of Trillanes, Arcillas said she decided to come out and reveal the truth through a sworn statement she signed and submitted to the Department of Justice on April 2017.

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Arcillas’ video where she talked about Duterte’s involvement in illegal drugs was shown by Senator Trillanes during Monday’s privilege speech saying that Arcillas, like the man behind the Bikoy videos Peter Joemel Advincula, did not pass through the senator’s scrutiny.

Arcillas also showed her exchanges with a certain Atty. Jude where she was allegedly told to implicate as well Rep. Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo Jr. in the illegal drug trade along with President Duterte since the former is known to be the biggest campaign donor of the President.

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Asked of her message to Senator Trillanes, Arcillas lambasted the senator for all the lies he had peddled and for enticing her to lie as well so they could pin down the President and his loyal friends.



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