PRO 11 to create inter-agency task force vs. investment schemes

The Police Regional Office 11 is hell bent on stopping the proliferation of illegal investment schemes in the region.

PRO 11 director Police Brigadier General Marcelo Morales said on Wednesday, May 29, that they will soon create an inter-agency task force that would run after illegal investment schemes in the region.

He said that they have started meeting with various government agencies that could help in their effort to stop the proliferation of illegal investment schemes.

Morales said they have started with their own agency, the Philippine National Police, wherein all of their personnel have already been warned and advised from joining these illegal investment schemes or face administrative sanctions.

He said that PNP personnel who join these schemes could be charged for subordination and violation of ethical standards.

Morales said that PNP personnel who do not heed their directive should also not expect any help from the PNP once they fall victims to the illegal investment schemes.

With regards to the earlier statement of Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon that investment schemes in their city has contributed to the zero-crime incidence, Brig. Gen. Morales said that there is no proven correlation on low crime rate due to investment schemes thus should not be made an excuse by the authorities to justify the activity.

Morales warned that with their pre-emptive action against these illegal investment schemes, they are only trying to prevent the scenario where crimes would rise once the investment scheme collapses.

Police Brig. Gen. Marcelo Morales, PRO 11 chief

Morales said that they have so far identified about ten companies offering investment schemes to the public operating in Davao Region.

He said that they are, at the moment, collecting more data on the said companies and looking for possible complainants.

Morales admitted that they needed complainant to be able to effect closures and arrests of those involved in the illegal investment schemes.

He said that what they can do for now is prevent people from falling prey to the illegal activity so as to prevent the grim scenario in the future once the investment scheme collapses.


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