Palace vows annihilation of ASG in light of Sulu bombing

Malacañang Palace vows the annihilation of the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf that is being eyed as responsible for the latest bombing in Sulu that killed several people Friday.

In a released statement Saturday, Salvador S. Panelo, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel and Spokesperson, condemned in the strongest possible terms the explosion that occurred in a military base in Sulu.

“Authorities are eyeing the bandit Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) behind this dastardly attack. We will pursue them and all other terrorist groups that sow and instill fear among our people. We will run after them until they can run no more,” Panelo vowed.

The Palace spokesman said that the government “will harness all its might to destroy the enemies of the state as well as their supporters to secure lasting peace in the region”.

“If these bandits have not learned from the terrorists who were annihilated in Marawi, then this time they will,” said Panelo


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