TESDA-NCR to launch app to ‘hail services’ from certified grads

MANILA — How would you like to get the services of a hair dresser, a masseur, housekeeper, and many others by few clicks on your mobile phone?

On July 10, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority-National Capital Region (TESDA-NCR) will launch “911 TESDA” app. This would basically function like Grab and Uber, but instead of rides, one would ask services from TESDA graduates.

“This is still part of the government’s employment objective, and to help those who would like to augment our income,” TESDA-NCR director Conrado Bares told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) on Sunday.

He emphasized that TESDA’s mandate is not just to give education or training, but also help its graduates find employment or livelihood opportunities.

“This (app) also aims to make it more convenient for the public, those who need services, to find workers,” Bares added.

About seven digital online service providers (DOSPs) have signed partnership with TESDA-NCR for this app. According to TESDA, these DOSPs said 42,000 people in NCR are needing the services of certified TESDA graduates.

Among the in-demand services are massage, carpentry, housekeeping, programming and call center.

TESDA graduates from 2017 may apply to be accredited by the DOSPs. The two will have agreement on how things would work. DOSPs would screen the workers they would send to those who would be needing services.

For instance, someone needs a masseur. The DOSP would look for the registered worker nearest the vicinity.

Thus, this would give the TESDA graduates the option to work with the DOSP either full time or part time, depending on their availability.

On Wednesday during the launch in Manila, TESDA-NCR will orient the schools and ask them to encourage their graduates to register for this app. The DOSPs will also be there for an exhibit.

TESDA explained that only those who graduated from year 2017 can take part in this program, because these are the graduates included in the agency’s online database system. The system encoded details such as the date of enrollment and the expected date of graduation.

Graduates should also be certified or national certificate (NC) holders.

TESDA plans to eventually launch the app nationwide. (PNA)

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