Panelo: Grand conspiracy among major players caused closure order on all PCSO games

On the closure order of the President on all outlets of Lotto, STL and other gaming activities

We confirm that the President ordered the immediate closure of all outlets of Lotto, STL and other gaming schemes, such as Peryahan ng Bayan, all over the country due to massive corruption.

It appears that there is a grand conspiracy among the major players and enforcers of these government- sanctioned gaming activities and enterprises to cheat the government of its rightful shares, depriving therefore the masses of our people of receiving basic services needed by them.

The President has ordered all licences, concessionaires, and franchises issued by the PCSO recalled, cancelled and withdrawn, effective immediately. All law enforcers are directed to implement the President’s directives with dispatch and without exception.

The President is outraged by the discovery of the plunderous machinations of these scoundrels whose insatiable greed is infinite and beyond redemption.

The Chief Executive will identify the culprits in due time and the full force of the law will come crushing down on them. This hydra-headed corruption will be cut off until it reproduces no more.

Let this be a stern warning to all malefactors in the government, as well as all the enemies of the state, the Duterte presidency will be unrelenting in its war against corruption and unforgiving to the transgressors of the law. The President shall continue to brandish the flaming sword of his office and strike it at the heart of this social and political monstrous dragon.

Salvador S. Panelo
Chief Presidential Legal Counsel
& Presidential Spokesperson

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