UP studes invite Bato for a public dialogue

“#Balitaktakan: A Public Dialogue on the Issue of Military Presence in our Campuses

The UP Walkout that transpired last August 20 was a testament to the militant and active nature of the Iskolar ng Bayan. Unwanted noise disturbed the university, but it was reciprocated with the widespread uproar of the university’s calls for genuine academic freedom and the end to attacks on the youth. 

However, in a time where chaos and misunderstanding is evident amongst various institutions, it is only right and fair for all that are concerned, specifically the University of the Philippines, Sen. Bato dela Rosa, and the NYC, to engage in dialogue. Moreover, it must be noted that with this dialogue, honesty, integrity, and a genuine mass-oriented mindset must be embodied among those involved. It is, after all, the least that the concerned can do in adherence to the public mandate to wholeheartedly serve the Filipino people.

The UP Rises Against Tyranny and Dictatorship, an established alliance in the UP System, alongside the UP Office of the Student Regent and UP Diliman University Student Council cordially invites Sen. Gen. Bato dela Rosa and NYC Chairperson Ryan Enriquez to a public dialogue on the matter inside our campus in the spirit of academic freedom.

Read the invitations that the UP Diliman University Student Council has sent to Sen. Bato dela Rosa and NYC Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer Ryan R. Enriquez for the said dialogue.


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