Davao Bunal Squad strikes fear in Davao City slums

Davao City’s band of motorcycle-riding men is striking fear among juveniles in the city specially those living in areas known to have riots nightly.

For several days now, reports of residents having been hurt by the baton-wielding men have been posted in the social media.

The Davao City Police Office was meanwhile quick to deny involvement of any of their personnel from the activity of the so-called Davao Bunal Squad (DBS).

Official Statement of Davao City Police Office

This pertains to the reported series of gang riots and whipping incidents in some areas of Davao City.

In light of these incidents, Davao City Police Office has heightened its security countermeasures as some individuals became victims of gang riots and whipping incidents particularly in the areas of Sasa, Agdao and Bucana, Davao City. Crime prevention and suppression operations are being implicated such as RONDA PATROL operations that aims to fight robbery, thieveries, and other relevant crimes together with our empowered Barangay Tanods are being initiated.

Our Police- Military Integrated Patrol System in the City are further enhanced with the PNP and TF Davao deployed personnel in every strategic intersections and areas of the City. Also implementation of the city ordinances such as curfew on minors, anti-smoking, liquor ban, and road clearing operations are regularly conducted in the urban areas of Davao City primarily during night time where petty crimes will most likely happen if not check. Another existing program that significantly affects the community is the Oplan: Kalinaw where the main objectives are: Identity/Background Check and Profiling of transient residents in our urban poor communities in the city, Manhunt Operations/ Arrest of Wanted Persons/Fugitives hiding in the community; Community Outreach/ Free Medical Check-Up and giving of medicines and vitamins, and Community Empowerment through Crime Prevention Education.

DCPO molds individual and not destroys. We give security and safety and not harm people. Proofs of these are the intervention programs intended for Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL), Out of School Youth (OSY), and Children at Risk (CAR), a diversionary program for gang hurling around the city. The “Sagop Kabataan Program” where a total number of 7,493 minors rescued accumulated in the three (3) years conduct of operations and a 701 total number of graduated children of “Adopt a Child Program.”

In light of this dilemma, there is therefore no speck of truth to the assertion that the PNP is anywhere involved in these series of incidents and we are doing what’s best for the general public.

We would also like to remind all parents in the City to secure their children to avoid their joining of local youth gangs or criminal activities that is inherent in our communities. If you have information or have witnessed any violent or crime activity in your area, kindly report to the nearest police station so that our Police may immediately intervene and act on said incident. The Police are the People and the People are the Police.

Let’s fight crime together for a peaceful and safe Davao City.”

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Some residents meanwhile welcomed the DBS activity since this has instilled fear among their children who usually stay out of their houses beyond midnight.

One resident said that their children now fear to venture outside their home beyond ten in the evening.

Some residents meanwhile posted on social media their readiness to fight the DBS in their villages.

The DBS is reminiscent to the Latigo Squad that surfaced several years back when President Rodrigo Duterte was still the city mayor.


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