Cult leader arrested for gun cache

A 42-year old man claiming to be a leader of a religious group in the City of Mati, was arrested by the police authorities Friday morning in Barangay Mamali.

Arrested suspect is identified as Cornelio Galon III, a resident of Purok 12, Barangay Mamali, and is said to be the leader of the Lemuria Tribes Divine Governance Inc. and president of Galon Clan the Royal Blood Descendant of Israel, Inc.

CIDG Davao Oriental Provincial Field Unit led by Police Major Julius Jemimez together with elements of SWAT DOPPO, PIB DOPPO, DOPMFC, PDEA and Mati PNP under the overall supervision of P/Maj. Bimbo Aying implemented a Search Warrant issued by RTC Judge ANGELITA A. ALFONSO-TUMANDA for violation of Republic Act No. 10591 (Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act), Republic Act No. 9516 ( Codifying the Laws in Illegal/Unlawful Possession, Manufacture, Dealing in, Acquisition or Disposition of Firearms, Ammunition or Explosives or Instruments used in the Manufacture of Firearms, Ammunition or Explosives, & imposing stiffer penalties for certain violation thereof & for other purposes) and BP # 6 (An act reducing the Penalty for illegal Possession of Bladed, pointed or blunt weapons) under SW # 154-154-2019.

Recovered from the suspect’s possession were:

1) One unit cal. 38 w/ SN# S.369807 w/o make;

2) One unit improvised cal.38 revolver without SN# and make

3) one unit cal. 45 NORINCO w/ SN# 1001749

4) one unit 12 gauge shotgun without make;

5) one unit HPRFL cal. 7. 62 with defaced


6) 3 pcs magazine for cal. 45;

7) 18 pcs cal. 38 ammo;

8) 40 pcs cal 30 carbine ammo;

9) 25 pcs cal. 45 live ammo;

10) 8pcs M14 (cal 7.62) Magazine;

11) 1 pc guage shotgun magazine;

12) 85 pcs cal 7.62 ammo;

13) 1 pcs cartridge container;

14)17 pcs 12 guage shtgn ammo;

15) 1 pc cal 50 ammo;

16) 4pcs M79 ammo;

17)18 pcs deadly bladed weapon of different sizes;

18) 16 pcs wooden holster of bladed weapon

19) 3pcs magazine carbine;

20) 30 pcs cal 5.56 ammo

Galon is now temporarily detained at the Mati Police station.


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