AFP Conducts Counter-Terrorism Simulation Exercise in Samal Island

Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte – Joint forces of Eastern Mindanao Command and other law enforcement agencies conduct Simulation Exercise on Counter Terrorism at Brgy Peñaplata, Brgy San Remegio and Kaputian District, all of Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte around 9:00AM, Thursday, October 24, 2019. 


The different units involved were Joint Task Force (JTF) Haribon, Task Force (TF) Samal, TF Davao, Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao (NFEM), Joint Special Operations Unit 2 (JSOU2), Naval Special Operations Unit 7 (NAVSOU7), Tactical Operations Wing Eastern Mindanao (TOWEM), 5th Civil Relations Group (5CRG), Philippine National Police Maritime, Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) and PNP IGACOS. 


Three terrorism scenarios happened at three different barangays. The first scenario began when a terrorist group named Kidnap For Ransom Group (KFRG) checked-in at RMPC Resort, Peñaplata where the resort manager reported the presence of suspicious looking people in their resort to the police and TF Samal. Once verified, the joint forces raided the resort and apprehended two KFRG members. 


Second scenario started upon the interview of apprehended KFRG members that divulge the kidnapping plot to tourist and the presence of more or less 10 other KFRG members at Brgy San Remegio, Kaputian District which was raided by forces of JSOU2 and NAVSOU7. Further, there was a firefight that resulted to five KLG dead, four M16 rifles, three M14 rifles with bandoliers and one KFRG captured. 


And the last scenario was initiated after the revelation of the captured KFRG that their commander and his cohorts are proceeding to Talikud Island where two high-speed motorized boats are prepositioned for their getaway. On the other hand, TF Davao and PNP Maritime implemented lockdown along Davao City Coast. TF Samal, PCG and NAVSOU7 immediately chased the terrorists towards the sea along Talikud Island and Kaputian District. Four KFRG were found dead and three more were captured after the encounter. 


“Inter-agency Simulation exercise enhances our capabilities in responding an unexpected threat within our Joint Area of Operation. Scenarios like this can happen, so I call on everyone to continue to be vigilant and inform the nearest AFP or PNP unit in your area on the presence of any suspicious looking individual or anything left unattended for verification before it will be too late.” Brigadier Ernesto Torres Jr, Commander of Joint Task Force Haribon said. 


Eastern Mindanao Commander, Lieutenant General Felimon Santos Jr recognizes that the AFP needs help in securing the Eastern Mindanao area. 


“Security is a shared responsibility. We cannot do it alone, we cannot cover every inch of our area of responsibility to secure everyone, please work with us in looking after your community so that terrorism will not find a safe haven in Eastern Mindanao.” Santos said. 


The Simulation Exercise ended at around 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

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