NoCot guv orders take down of “Serbisyong Totoo” slogan in all gov’t equipments

North Cotabato Governor Nancy Catamco, who just returned from work after having been suspended by the Sandiganbayan for 90 days, ordered Provincial General Services Office head Jorge Silva to “remove all Serbisyong Totoo tagline from all vehicles and all signages in the provincial capitol compound”.

In the same order dated November 25, Gov. Catamco directed to replace Serbisyong Totoo with the phrase “North Cotabato Province”.

Serbisyong Totoo slogan is identified with the administration of former governor and now Vice Governor Emmylou Taliño-Mendoza since she was congresswoman for nine years and governor for another 9 years.

Catamco suspects Mendoza to be behind the corruption cases against her that led to her suspension.

Catamco was suspended by the 6th Division of Sandiganbayan for 90 days for her alleged involvement in the P5 million fertilizer fund scam that included her former husband Pompey Perez and former Poro, Cebu Mayor Edgar Rama.

The respondents each posted a P110,000 bailbond last year.

The couple were accused of overpricing their delivered products by as much as P4.58 million.

Catamco and Perez allegedly conspired with Rama in the delivery of the supposed overpriced liquid fertilizers to the local government of Poro.

The 3,333 bottles of Vitacrop liquid organic fertilizer was said to have been marked up by as much as P1,092 per bottle.


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