Bunal Squad strikes again in Davao

The dreaded Bunal Squad of Davao City has again struck fear among minors and loitering teenagers.

In a Facebook post by Marco Guerrero, a CCTV footage showed a helmet-wearing man with a whip entering an internet cafe.

The said man then started whipping at the internet customers who were obviously shocked. After the man went out, the customers started scampering away.

Guerrero lamented the incident saying that they are just playing internet games and are not doing any criminal act.

This video doesn’t exist

Tambay mi diri, dili mi kriminal!

bunalsquad at it again! Nakauli ko mga 5mins after this happened and naay patrol cars sa kanto trading boulevard… question lang sa City Govt and Police force, are you tolerating this or is this even mandated by the City Government? Nganong nakasulod ning mga nakamaskara tapos in groups of 5 na mga naka motor ug nay angkas sa area? Hmmm d naman ni tama! I also called 911 to report this and said they will deploy patrol pero walay naabot… anyway, will just leave it here.

Davao Life is Here kaayooo! Nagdula lang ang tao inyong hilabtan!

#davaopurge #lifeishere

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