We are facing a public health emergency on two fronts: the Covid19 and the limitations of our health facilities to respond to a huge segment of our population getting infected with the coronavirus.

We do not have any confirmed cases as of the moment, but it will not be long before the reality of the disease will reach our doorsteps. And many of us get sick, our city will be paralyzed and will be at a standstill.

We need to ensure that no one gets sick and if we do get patients, we need to be able to respond to them and at the same time, prevent the further spread of the disease.

We have outlined 3 things you can do to help:

1. Do not leave Davao City. Stop unnecessary travels. Stay home.

2. Distance yourself from everyone else. Do not go near other people.

3. Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.

Please do not panic. Hoarding food, toothpaste, tissue papers, and other grocery supplies is not a guarantee that you are protected from the COVID-19 Disease. Hoarding is a futile attempt and a total waste of your money.

The City Government of Davao, in coordination with other government agencies and the private sector, is preparing for the possible influx of Covid-19 positive patients.

Again, we ask for your support and cooperation. We ask for your help in making sure no one gets sick.

If we stand together, strong and resilient will be able to overcome this health emergency.

Daghang salamat.

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