City Hall to do work-at-home and on-call operation


The public is hereby informed that the City Government of Davao offices shall move to a work at home and on-call operations beginning 07:00H March 31, 2020.

All employees are ordered to work from home and render services on-call basis. All documents and other materials needed for work to continue shall be transported between residences.

This arrangement was reached because of possible cases of PUIs among employees of the City Hall. There is an urgent need to protect everyone who reports to their respective offices to avoid a breakdown of government service by exposure of the majority of the employees. This method is followed to ensure that there is no disruption of public service.

City Hall will continue to receive documents at the Davao City Recreation Center (Almendras Gym).

Departments and Offices whose functions involve the delivery of basic social services, health, sanitation, public safety and security, preparedness and response to disaster and calamities, and/or performance to other vital services must still be in full operation and following a strict implementation of frequent and proper disinfection, physical distancing, and wearing of masks.

The public may still reach the Office of the City Mayor through the email address and phone number Mon to Wed 0932 322 1063, Thurs to Fri 0915 963 7127

We shall issue a list of contact numbers corresponding to each city government office as soon as possible.

Thank you for your usual support and cooperation.

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