The City Government of Davao conducted a sweeper flight on May 6, 2020 from Manila to Davao and vice versa.

The City Government adopted a health screening procedure to be undertaken by all individuals arriving in Davao City. One of the passengers failed the health screening and was sent to SPMC for swabbing and was later confined in a Covid19 quarantine center. The RT-PCR test of this individual is confirmed positive.

The City Health Office shall undertake to call all those who were seated in the plane near this individual come in for further screening.

We remind all the passengers of the May 6 flight from Manila if they develop symptoms within 14 days to go to SPMC for assessment. We emphasize to the family members of those who recently arrived to avoid direct physical contact with them.

Other people can distinguish these new arrival individuals with the indelible ink on their left index finger. If you see anyone with this mark, please do not go near them for the next 14-21 days.

The City Government shall raise the matter of this incident to the RTF and request the national government to prohibit boarding of individuals in Manila going to all the local destinations without a confirmed RT-PCR negative result.

Thank you.

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