Bong Go asks fellow public servants to ‘set aside politics’ and unite for the betterment of the country amid the ongoing pandemic

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go renewed his call for unity and urged fellow public servants to set aside politics in order to fully assist the Filipino people as the country continues to overcome the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

While he fully understands the role of the opposition, Go said that President Rodrigo Duterte and himself will continue to work hard in order to fulfill their mandates and serve the Filipino people to the best of their abilities until the last days of their terms.

“Sa mga kababayan ko, sana po magtulungan po tayo. Sino ba naman ang magtutulungan kundi tayo lang po. Kung mag aaway-away pa po tayo, wala pong mangyayari sa atin,” he said.

“Huwag na muna nating haluan ng pulitika ang pandemya dahil wala na tayong pag-uusapang pulitika ‘pag ‘di natin nalagpasan ang krisis na ito, magtulungan muna tayo,” he added.

In a live online interview with Daily Tribune, Go said that he regards with respect his fellow senators regardless of political affiliations for their vast experiences in legislation and public service. He added that he considers himself a neophyte in the political arena.

“In fairness, sa lahat ng opposition senators, kina Sir Frank Drilon, respetado po ‘yan. Sabi ko nga 22 years na siya, ako neophyte palang, marami kaming matutunan sa kanya… Even Sen. Kiko and Sen. Risa, marami kami matutunan (sa kanila), nirerespeto ko po mga yan,” he said.

Go urged all public servants, regardless if they are part of the administration or have identified themselves as part of the opposition, to set aside differences and help the government and its people in the battle against the pandemic.

“Hinihikayat ko lahat, kung para sa kapakanan ng bansa, ‘wag na lang tayo mag-away-away pa. Kaisa n‘yo kami para sa ating mga kababayan,” he appealed.

He, then, reiterated that he and Duterte will continue to fight corruption, illegal drugs and criminality in order to provide Filipinos the opportunity to live peaceful, orderly lives in the future. He also thanked those who continue to support him and the President and assured them that they continue to do their best in performing their duties.

“Salamat po sa tiwala kay Pangulong Duterte, asahan n’yo po sa abot ng aming makakaya, magseserbisyo kami sa inyo. Salamat po at ingat po kayo, mahal namin kayo,” he said.

Ending his message to Filipinos, Go said “Let me remind my fellow Filipinos, ako po ‘di naman ako pulitiko. I want to be remembered as a public servant. Gusto ko maalala nila ako na ito ang public servant na naging senador at ipinamalas sa abot ng kanyang makakaya ang tunay na serbisyo na may malasakit sa bawat Pilipino.”

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