PDEA arrests 2 suspected ecstasy dealers

Two individuals suspected of involvement in the illegal trade of ecstasy pills were arrested by elements of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency 11 in a drug operation Thursday evening, February 4.

The suspects were identified as Christian Cajoles Sulla and Kenneth Cajoles.

In a “controlled delivery” operation, authorities raided El Rio Vista Village, Phase 4, Anturium St. BLK 4, LOT 10, Bacaca Road, Barangay 19-B in Davao City around six in the evening.

A controlled delivery occurs when a consignment of illicit drugs is detected, usually concealed in some other goods, in circumstances making it possible for those goods to go forward under the control and surveillance of law enforcement officers.

Recovered from the scene were the following:

1. Two (2) packs containing 394 pink ecstacy tablet has a total value of Php669,800.00

2. One (1) pack containing 100 light brown suspected ecstacy tablet with total value of 170,000.00

3. Two (2) sachets containing ketamine weighing MOL 1 gram

4. one (1) transparent plastic sachet containing unidentified brown substance weighing MOL 0.5 gram.,

5. One (1) sachet that contains 25 pcs of suspected LSD Lysergic Acid Diethylamide,

6. One (1) sachet containing one (1) dark brown cube suspected to be marijuana hashish weighing MOL 1 gram

7. Two (2) cigarette looking pipe

8. Two (2) identification card of Christian Sulla.

9. One (1) unit Toyota hi lux with plate number LAI 7304

10. One (1) unit iphone 11 cellular phone

11. One (1) brown sling bag containing brown wallet

12. One (1) BPI Debit card with card number 5363470066146593

13. One (1) philippine postal corporation registry of notice card form 1525n

14. One(1) metrobank receipt with account 9284-000

The two arrested suspects are now facing violations of Section 4 and 26 in rel. to section 4 of Republic Act 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.


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