HNP elated over dominance of BBM-Sara UniTeam in latest Publicus survey

Hugpong ng Pagbabago Chairperson and presidential daughter Inday Sara Duterte has emerged as the top pick among the vice-presidential aspirants in the lastest Publicus Asia, Inc. survey that also showed Bongbong Marcos as the leading preferred presidential candidate.

Inday Sara, currently the mayor of Davao City, has dominated the Pahayag Quarter 4 survey areas, with 54.8 percent of the 1,500 respondents randomly sampled choosing her as their preferred vice-presidential candidate. In Mindanao, 78.6 percent of the respondents preferred Inday Sara as their vice-president.

HNP Secretary-General Anthony del Rosario said the survey results “are humbling, and at the same time, encouraging.”

Marcos, meanwhile, was also picked by 51.9 percent of the respondents as their preferred presidential candidate.

“It shows that the BBM-Sara UniTeam continues to capture the hearts of the Filipino people,” said del Rosario. “But most importantly, it leads the party and all the organizations supporting the UniTeam to focus more on the pressing challenges that we are facing today — such as recovery from the impact of the pandemic.”

The BBM-Sara UniTeam has recently been holding caravans around the country, meeting local officials and organizations supporting their bid in the 2022 elections.

Del Rosario said HNP is grateful for the thousands of groups supporting the candidacy of the party chairperson and her presidential candidate, BBM.

“We would like to thank every Filipino who is supporting the vice-presidential candidacy of our chairperson, Mayor Inday Sara, and BBM, her presidential candidate,” del Rosario said. “We are urging everyone to continue with your support and join our cause up to the finish line.”


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