Paolo Duterte, FPRRD visit loved ones’ grave during Vicente Duterte’s death anniversary

DAVAO CITY — First Congressional District Representative Paolo Duterte and his father, former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, paid their respects to the latter’s parents’ graves last week in this city.

They visited the tombs of Vicente and Soledad Duterte at the Roman Catholic Cemetery here to commemorate the former’s 111h birth anniversary. Paolo and his father were seen lighting candles and offering prayers for their departed loved ones.

It has been the tradition of the Duterte family to visit the graves of their loved ones during their respective birth and death anniversaries.

Vicente Gonzales Duterte, the former President’s father, was born on November 23, 1911 in Danao, Cebu where he had served as mayor. Vicente later became governor of the then unified province of Davao. He was the last to serve as governor of Davao when it was still a single political entity.

Former President Duterte’s mother, Soledad or Nanay Soling as she was fondly called, was a public school teacher involved in socio-civic projects in Davao.

Last November 1 and 2, the Office of Rep. Duterte in this city marked All Saints Day and All Souls Day, respectively, by distributing about 1,000 food packs to families living near the cemetery.

According to the First Congressional District Office, the distribution of the food packs focused on the “poorest of the poor” in Barangay 8A. ###

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