To our foreign guests, sa aking mga kababayan — magandang hapon po sa inyong lahat, maayong hapon kaninyong tanan.

One of the most important lessons I have learned as I navigate life and the same thing that I believe we should ponder upon as one country united in our determination to overcome our difficulties and achieve our aspirations — is that we should commit to heart the priorities of God, country, and family.

My life is a testament to the power of a God, whom we know by many names. My younger self was consumed by a dream to become a doctor. I pursued a pathway that I thought could help me realize that dream, but I was directed toward another way. And now I am a lawyer.

When I committed myself to governance and public service, I was also determined to finish three consecutive terms as Mayor. That will not happen anymore. I am now the Vice President-Elect.

The voice of 32.2 million Filipinos was loud and clear — with the message to serve our motherland. And this message has been reiterated in my oath: to consecrate myself to the service of the nation.

There is a God. A God whose will transcends the desires of our hearts, one whose will directs us to the way that we might not have imagined — but a way that consecrates ourselves every day to help our fellowmen overcome the difficulties they face in their lives, to change lives, to save lives.

If we all take a moment to listen to the call to serve and decide to heed the call — in the same way that many are already devoting their lives as hardworking farmers and fisherfolk that ensure there is food on our tables, dedicated health workers who help the sick, brave soldiers who fight for our country, honest and fair entrepreneurs who support our economy, patient school teachers that guide our children — I believe the country will be heading toward a future of hope, security, strength, stability, and progress.


Today, we celebrate the life and works of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. May his memory light up the fire within us to become patriots. Rizal taught us that selflessness and sacrifice could change our country’s fate and shape our children’s future. The bravery of Rizal completes the fabric of our identity as Filipinos.

Magkasama sana tayong bumangon bawat araw kasabay ang nag-aalab na pangako sa ating mga puso na mahal natin at patuloy nating mamahalin ang Pilipinas hangga’t tayo ay nabubuhay.

Let us show our love for our country by taking care of our families and communities despite the unending challenges that come our way.


Today is Father’s Day. This is a time for families to celebrate — but you are here with me. Daghang salamat sa inyong pagtambong ug pagkuyog kanako niining adlawa.

Happy Father’s day to all the fathers who make sure that another person is given the best of everything.

Today, our children are facing a very complex future, one that is rife with conflict and uncertainties. Some of these challenges include the winding cycle of poverty, the trauma of broken families, the life-long baggage because of irresponsible and bad parenting, the abandonment issues due to an absentee parent, the anguish of gender confusion and discrimination, the destruction brought about by drugs, the lure of easy money in criminality, cases of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, the failure to identify and speak up against different kinds of abuses, the life altering effects of teenage pregnancy, the detrimental effects of illiteracy, the emotional injury of bullying, unstable mental wellness, recruitment to support terrorism, misinformation in the internet — and the list could be endless.

A strong, loving, happy family sets down all the basic foundations essential in the development and growth of a child.

At home, parents have the duty to teach children the values of integrity, discipline, respect, and compassion for others.

And we should never forget that it is the duty of each Filipino family to emphasize that education begins at home. Atong isilsil sa ilang alimpatakan nga ang maayong pamatasan, ang edukasyon, ug pagpaningkamot maoy magdala kanila palayo sa kinabuhi nga puno og kalisod, padulong sa maayong kinabuhi nga ilang gihandom.

We should not as we could not afford to squander the future of our children.

The days ahead of us may be full of challenges that call for us to be more united as a nation.

But let me reiterate this — we can never go wrong if we are a people dedicated to honoring the will of God, to serving our country and our fellowmen, and protecting the integrity of our families and the future of our children.

Ako po si Inday Sara. A proud Dabawenya. A proud Mindanawon. Hindi ako ang pinakamagaling, o pinakamatalinong tao sa Pilipinas at sa mundo — ngunit walang makakatalo sa tibay ng puso ko bilang isang Filipino.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Daghang Salamat.

VP-elect Sara statement on Raissa Robles’s irresponsible and discriminatory views of Mindanao and the Mindanawons

The views expressed by Raissa Robles on Mindanao in reaction to the plan of incoming Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco to develop the region as a tourist destination are replete with journalistic recklessness and irresponsibility — something that calls for our collective condemnation as it grossly discriminated against all Mindanawons, especially those living in Moro communities.

What Robles did was a demonization of Mindanao and an insult to its people, who also deserve to experience the gains of the Duterte administration over the past six years. Robles clearly wanted to undervalue everything that the Duterte administration has done in keeping the peace and security in Mindanao and ensuring that concerns caused by terrorist organizations, including kidnap for ransom groups, are addressed appropriately with the help of local governments and leaders of communities.

Since 2016, the kidnapping operations by ASG in Mindanao have been significantly reduced compared to the previous years — and the authorities have successfully rescued all victims.

In Basilan, as confirmed by Rep. Mujiv Hataman himself, there had been zero kidnapping incidents since President Duterte came into office.

All other incidents concerning ASG had been about the arrests and surrenders of their members and leaders.

As a Filipino, Robles should be ashamed of herself for dangerously trying to stoke and encourage terrorist groups to target tourists in Mindanao.

Vice President-Elect Sara Z. Duterte
June 4, 2022

BBM’s chief of staff and spokesman nominated as Executive Secretary

BBM’s chief of staff and spokesman nominated as Executive Secretary

Veteran law practitioner Victor D. Rodriguez, the long-time chief of staff and spokesperson of incoming President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos, Jr. was nominated for the position of Executive Secretary for the next administration.

Rodriguez’ nomination was officially announced by the incoming president as the former formally relinquished his post as spokesperson of Marcos to prepare for his new assignment.

The 48-year old lawyer, who was seen by many as fiercely loyal and among those very few who stood by Marcos in his challenging times, said he has accepted the challenge and new task given to him.

“Who can say no to President-elect Bongbong Marcos? It is an honor working with him, whom I have known for a very long time and I believe will serve the country efficiently and with unquestioned devotion. It is very flattering to work alongside the best person I’ve known,” Rodriguez stressed.

Rodriguez is also the managing lawyer of Rodriguez & Partners Law Firm, president of QC Trial Lawyers League, and a noted alumnus of the University of Santo Tomas and once served as Treasurer of its Law Alumni Foundation (USTLAFI)

With his leadership, Rodriguez was also credited for the very successful and smooth conduct of Marcos’ campaign for the presidency.

“I thanked President-elect Bongbong Marcos for the trust and confidence. Rest assured that our team will work doubly hard for the success of his six-year presidency,” Rodriguez stated.

Not much of his personal activities are known as he prefers to lead a very private life and is seldom seen on the social scene attending events or functions.

Rodriguez also served as Deputy General Counsel of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines,

Apart from finishing law at UST, Rodriguez also has Executive Education at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Negotiation and Influence Program.

1.6-M irrigators back Piñol's senate bid

1.6-M irrigators back Piñol’s senate bid

DAVAO CITY – The National Confederation of Irrigators Association, (NCIA) Inc. with an estimated 1.6-million farmer-members has pledged its support to senatorial aspirant Emmanuel Piñol.

In a statement, Fernando Cristobal, secretary of NCIA bared that the support is a recognition of Piñol’s role in the implementation of the Free Irrigation Act and the Solar-Powered Irrigation Projects.

According to NCIA, they have witnessed the skill and ability of Piñol and they believed in his aspirations to develop the rice industry and help the farmers with the unfair influx of imported rice and the rising price of farm inputs.

Cristobal added that through Piñol, with the support of President Rodrigo Duterte and former Senator Loren Legarda (also Senator Panfilo Lacson as principal author) will strive hard to implement the Free Irrigation Act.

“We are also aware that Pinol’s aspirations is to further expand the paddy fields that can be irrigated through the Solar-Powered irrigation System,” he said.

Cristobal added that Piñol has the capacity to amend the Rice Tariffication Law which he said that has affected the income of their member farmers.

“As a show of support for Secretary Pinol, we promise that we will personally campaign not only with our members and family, but also with our friends, relatives and workers,” Cristpbal added.

Celebrities Go All Out to Support AP Partylist in Cebu and Palawan

Celebrities Go All Out to Support AP Partylist in Cebu and Palawan

Celebrities are going all out to support AP Partylist in its various events as election day draws near.

In Barili, Cebu, Team AP Partylist, led by first nominee Rep. Ronnie Ong and third nominee Chris Tio, was joined by singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino. Team AP, together with Team Flores led by Mayor Julie Flores went on a caravan across town that culminated in the Barili Municipal Hall Plaza where the rally was held. Thousands of Barili residents showed up to express their support.

On Tuesday, May 3, AP Partylist held simultaneous events, one in Cebu, led by third nominee Chris Tio, the Youth Hub, and Vice Mayor Franklin Ong held a For Leni concert headlined by singer-songwriter Moira Dela Torre. The For Leni concert was held at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel. Other performers were Jericho and Wonggoys.

AP Partylist, led by first nominee Rep. Ronnie Ong, also spent Tuesday in Palawan with actress Yassi Pressman and performers Smugglaz, Bassilyo, and Sisa. Team AP held a meet and greet in the morning at the San Jose New Public Market and a grand rally in the afternoon at the Puerto Princesa Baywalk. Pressman, together with Smugglaz, Bassilyo, and Sisa have been a fixture in the AP Partylist’s campaign trail and are staunch supporters of the partylist.

To know more about the programs and initiatives of AP Partylist, visit and follow their social media pages: appartytist on Instagram and Twitter; APPartylist on Facebook and Youtube; and the.ap.partylist on TikTok.