Alvarez denies buying properties in Siargao in 2017

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez denies that he bought properties in Siargao island in 2017 saying that the said properties were actually purchased since 1996.

In an interview by Davao-based reporter Funny Pearl Gajunera, Speaker Alvarez clarified that the Assessor’s Office records showing him buying at least 4 properties in Siargao in 2017 could have been due to the ongoing “general revision” at the said office thus the error.

Alvarez added that he also has several friends who were buying properties in Siargao and this could have been mistaken by many as his too.

A local broker earlier estimated the amount of properties of Alvarez in Siargao to reach about five hundred million pesos.

Alvarez rued how he was used by some of the property brokers in Siargao as part of their marketing strategy to entice buyers by claiming that the adjacent property is that of the Speaker.

A check with the General Luna Municipal Assessor’s Office (MAO) records showed that there are seven properties in the name of Speaker Alvarez and two more under the name of a certain Anaclito Alvarez and another two under Carlito Alvarez.

Unconfirmed information showed that Anaclito and Carlito are step-brothers of the House Speaker.

Speaker Alvarez bought three properties back in 2013 – a 4,102 sqm. property in Poblacion Cinco; and two properties in Barangay Malinao with an area of 9,433 sqm. and 4,256 sqm. respectively.

In 2017, Speaker Alvarez bought four properties in General Luna town alone:

1. A 4,102 sqm. in Poblacion Cinco

2. A 4,856 sqm. in Barangay Malinao

3. A 7,295 sqm. in Barangay Malinao, and

4. A 1,796 sqm. in Barangay Malinao

One particular land along Tourism Road going to Cloud 9 was said to have been bought for P120 million by Speaker Alvarez from a certain Atty. Diodero Ravelo. The sale was completed in Cebu City.

Alvarez however denied this saying that he does not know Ravelo and that the property is not worth P120 million. The property is located along Tourism Road in Barangay Poblacion where most resorts are situated.

MAO records placed the value of a 4,102 sqm. property in Barangay Poblacion at only P42,780 which is way below the usual selling price of land in the area at P15,000 to P25,000 per square meter according to the local broker.


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Another property that is suspected to be owned by Alvarez but is said to be under the name of Edwin Jubahib is the Hotspot Disco in Barangay Catangnan which is near the world famous Cloud 9 surfing spot.

Jubahib is said to be Alvarez’s chief of staff.

Residents in the said barangay recently filed a petition before the office of General Luna Mayor Jaime Rusillon urging the local government to stop the operation of the discotheque due to noise pollution.

The petitioners claimed that since it started its operation several days ago, residents in the area are having trouble sleeping at night due to the loud music which only stops around three in the morning.

It was learned that the LGU has not issued any special permit for the operation of the said discotheque.

3 thoughts on “Alvarez denies buying properties in Siargao in 2017

  1. If Alvarez bought the properties way back 1996, what’s the matter with that? Doesn’t has the right to purchase other properties again? You’re too malicious in writing articles against Alvarez.


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