PRRD, Go emphasize importance of patriotism and love of country among Filipinos during Rizal Day celebration

In honor of his heroism and patriotism, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go joined in the commemoration of the 123rd death anniversary of hero Jose Rizal at the Rizal Park in Davao City on Monday, December 30.

In his message, the President heaped praises on Rizal’s “ardent love of country” which “led to a reawakening of the Filipinos’ patriotism and sense of responsibility.”

Citing the challenges of “apathy and divisiveness” that the world faces today, the President motivated Filipinos to keep the “embers of nationalism alive”–as did Rizal more than 120 years ago. He also urged the Filipino youth and future generations to emulate the hero’s “shining example to always think of the greater good”.

For his part, Go–together with other government officials–joined the President in laying the wreath as a tribute to the Filipino hero and to celebrate his luminous life and legacy to the nation.

Go said that in order to continue the legacy of Jose Rizal and other heroes who sacrificed their lives for the country, Filipinos should emulate their example by serving others and by always protecting the liberty that Filipinos enjoy today.

“Tulad ni Jose Rizal, mahalin natin ang bansa at mahalin natin ang ating kapwa. Minsan lang tayo dadaan sa mundong ito, kaya gawin na natin ang tama, unahin na natin ang kapakanan ng mga kababayan nating Pilipino. Magtulungan po tayo para sa ating bansa,” he added.


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