NPA killed in Maragusan

New Bataan, Compostela Valley Province — More or less thirty (30) NPA terrorists believed to be members of Guerilla Front (GF) 2 were confronted by the troops of 66th Infantry Kabalikat Battalion and yielded to the death of one (1) NPA member, capture of one (1) M16 Rifle with attached M203 Grenade Launcher and assorted war materials at vicinity Aircon, Brgy Talian, Maragusan, CVP on August 24, 2019.

Information from an asset revealed the presence of CPP-NPA Terrorists (CNTs) encroaching in the mountainous part of the barangay and were plotting a tactical offensive against nearby government facilities and construction equipment. The intelligence team of 66IB tasked to confirm the report was sent to the area and conducted reconnaissance. Approaching the high ground of the suspected enemy location, the troops clashed with the advance post of the enemy in a meeting engagement.

The troops who were outnumbered and confronted by heavy volume of fires from the enemy’s main group managed to sustain the firefight and successfully extricated from the kill zone after sustaining minor injuries.

Immediately after the enemy encounter, the Scout Platoon led by 2LT RODANTE C VALIETE (AGS) PA was deployed for pursuit operation successfully engaged the enemies not distant from the previous location after failing to seek a safe withdrawal. The troops captured from the encounter site one (1) High Power Firearm, war materials and personal belongs and rescued a wounded NPA member whom they immediately applied with first aid while awaiting casualty evacuation. However, due to the fatal wound sustained from the firefight, the NPA initially identified as @Eric died due to severe blood loss. The body was turned over to the local government of Maragusan and subsequently brought the cadaver to St. Peters Funeral for proper disposition.

“This encounter is a failed attempt of the CPP-NPA Terrorists to re-infiltrate the community. This is a manifestation that the people are already awaken from the lies and deception of these Communist Terrorists Groups (CTGs) and refused to be victims of their exploitation and violence,” LTC ROMAN S MABBORANG INF (GSC) PA said.

He added, “Your soldiers are not just peace keepers but also agents of human rights that adheres to the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) who understands that the wounded whether an enemy or an ally must begiven first aid and be treated fairly. Regardless if you area soldier, a rebel or a terrorist, we are all part of the humanity who deserves to be respected and be given a decent death.”

Currently, the local government of Maragusan has been extending all its effort to identify the cadaver andreach out to the family of the deceased NPA to claim the said cadaver.

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